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Belgian indie game developer and freelancer.
Developing games for PC, AR/VR/XR, Consoles.

In 2013 i started with game development for the following platforms:

- PC, -Web, - Android, - Ouya, - Playstation Vita,

- Xbox One, - Nintendo Switch, - Windows 8,10 Store,

- Oculus Go,Rift,Quest, - Pico Neo,Goblin.

In 2020 i also started to sell asset's on the Unity asset store.

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My passion for games started in the 80's in the arcades. In 2013 i started developing games for Windows 8. From that point on i developed games for Windows 8,8.1,10, Playstation Vita, Ouya, Android, Xbox One, Oculus Go, Rift, Quest, Pico Neo, Nintendo Switch, Custom hardware and VR Arcades.


Beneath you can find a few games and project i worked on.


Dungeon of Math

Dungeon of Math is a smart game i made for Legends of learning in web gl.

Perpetuum Mobilé

Perpetuum Mobile is a ode to the games in vector graphics found in the arcade in the 70's , 80's and on some home consoles. You are the pilot of the infinite flyer Perpetuum Mobile and the last chance for the human race. So fly thru the tunnels of doom that the evil empire has created and destroy the army of villains, while trying to survive the dangerous maze and landscape.

Available on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

Oculus Rift, Oculus Go, PC, Pico Neo 

Super Space Serpent SE

Super Space Serpent Secondary Edition Is a Twin Stick shooter in the style that fits your favorite era. Let the retro neon effects and futuristic soundtrack put you in a zone like only the arcade games of the 80's could . Try to beat the handcrafted levels with ever changing enemies from distant worlds while using an arsenal of weapons and upgrades.

Xbox One   Nintendo Switch  Steam


Star Breaker

remake of a classic arcade game in a space neon theme destroy all planets movement : on touch devices use on screen arrow icons, on keyboard use left and right arrow key to move and esc to go back to start menu.

Windows Store , Ouya , Amazon Fire

Tank Game

Tank Game is my first twin stick shooter i made for a Ludum Dare game jam.

Super Space Serpent

Super Space Serpent is a twin stick shooter 

Playstation Vita ,

Avoid Classic

move left or right to avoid the enemies and catch the bonus to get the highest score in this simple but addictive game.

Xbox One ,


Mecha.IO is a online multiplatform Mech battle game on Mobile PC and VR

Home: Jeux


PGPoolingPro (7).png

PG_Pooling Pro

PG_Pooling Pro is an easy to use object pooling system for Unity.

Home: Jeux



Rue de la Democratie 105, 4102 Ougreé

01 45 37 07 59

Merci pour votre envoi !

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